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Wanted: Turntables and tonearms. If you have one for sale, email zennaudio@gmail.com  for consultation. Also want to buy old vinyl records,lps-33 or 45 rpm.

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All prices in Singapore dollars. Divide by 1.3 for approx. US dollar equivalent.

Record cleaning service available-One LP S$2(Inclusive of paper inner sleeve)





Address: 292 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex


Singapore 469448


Email: zennaudio@gmail.com


Store Opening Hours- 12 to 8 pm daily. Closed on Mondays


Public Holidays- Call ahead.


This site is now PayPal enabled. However please contact me through email or sms 90223432 with regard to availability of item before making payment.



This month only. Audio Technica promotion. 10% off all new Audio Technica turntables.


Counterweight for Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntables. This metal piece measures 20mm by 15mm and is make specifically to bring the tracking force down to about 2.5gm on the AT-LP60 turntables. The common complaint among AT-LP60 owners is that the default tracking force is between 4 to 5gm. No adjustment available. This may increase the wear on records played. Hence this part is designed to stick to the back of the tonearm to bring the tracking force down to a more reasonable value. It can be used for both the Bluetooth and Non-bluetooth version of the AT-LP60 turntables. Owners who have bought their turntables from Zenn Audio can purchase it for S$10. For others the price is S$15 each.
Free Audio Technica ATH-S300 headphones worth S$58 with purchase of any new Audio Technica turntables. Valid only while stock lasts. 4 Aug 2017



Lenco L85 belt drive turntable. Made in Switzerland. Fitted with a brand new Rega Carbon phono cartridge. Cosmetics is fair. Real wood veneer peel off on front left corner. Original acrylic cover has a crack and numerous scratches on it. However the turntable is in full working order. S$220.





Luxman PD121 direct drive turntable with an Audiocraft AC300 unipivot tonearm. Comes with the original acrylic cover. The strobe light is not working. Otherwise it is in excellent working condition. S$950



Rega Planar 1 belt drive turntable. It is like brand condition with a new Rega Carbon phono cartridge. Best entry level turntable. S$450.



Technics SL1200 MK 1 direct drive turntable. A rare find in such excellent condition. No signs of oxidation. Comes with original cover and a Stanton phono cartridge. S$420.



Onkyo CP-1050(D) direct drive turntable. Like new condition. Complete with everything in the box.S$420.



Supex SD-901 High output MC phono cartridge. Features a rosewood body. Used but in good running condition. S$550.



Supex SD900 Super  XE low output MC phono cartridge. Like new.S$600



Oracle Alexandria turntable. Comes with original tonearm and Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge. Note that there is no acrylic cover and clamp. The bubble level on the top of the turntable is missing. However the turntable is working perfectly. S$850.





Project 1.2 belt drive turntable. Feature a heavy cast metal platter. Comes with an Audio Technica MM phono cartridge and original acrylic cover. Fully working condition. S$280.




Rega Fono Mini A2D phono preamplifier for MM phono cartridges. Comes with original AC power adaptor. Like new condition. S$125.



Rega RP3 belt drive turntable. Comes with original RB303 tonearm and acrylic cover. Outboard AC/DC adaptor. No phono cartridge. Like new condition. S$750. Brand new Rega phono cartridges can be fitted with free installation.




Project 6 Perspex turntable. Belt drive with original tonearm and acrylic cover. Comes with the Speed Box S and fitted with a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. Excellent condition. S$2200.



Micro Seiki DD-7 direct drive turntable. Comes with the Micro MA-505 tone arm. Phono cartridge not included. Excellent condition. Note that this is a 100VAC mains unit and will require the use of a small step down transformer. S$1250.




Storage crates for vinyl records. Handmade from 1/2 inch thick solid pine. Can hold about 75 LP albums. Internal dimensions are 13" X 13" X 9". S$48 each.




Rega Fono phono amp for MM cartridges.Like new condition. S$295.




Linn LP12 turntable with Linn Basik tonearm. The turntable is fitted with a Valhalla board for improved speed stability. No acrylic cover and no phono cartridge provided. S$1500




Lenco L 75 classic turntable. All original parts and like new condition. Comes with an imported plinth which is also in mint condition. Runs perfectly. S$1250.



Rega TP PSU power supply for RP3 turntable. Offer greater speed stability and the convenience of changing speed without removing the platter. Like new condition. S$320.




Rega Bias 2 MM phono cartridge. High output of 6.8 mv. Brand new condition. S$200.





Rega Elys MM phono cartridge. High output of 6.8 mv. New condition. S$300.




Rega Exact MM phono cartridge. High output of 6.8 mv. New condition. S$450






Rega RB101 tonearm. Fitted with Origami upgrades of new internal wirings and counterweight assembly. S$300.



Grace 714 unipivot tone arm. Features a wood arm tube. Comes with phono cable. S$950.





Audio Technica AT-LP1240USB direct drive turntable. Brand new with one year warranty. Comes with S$50 store credit for the purchase of records. S$638.





Audio Technica AT-LP120USB direct drive turntable. Brand new with one year warranty. Comes with S$50 store credit for the purchase of records. S$438.






Audio Technica AT-LP5 direct drive turntable. Brand new with one year warranty. Comes with S$50 store credit for the purchase of records. S$598.





 Audio Technica AT-LP3 belt drive turntable. Fully automatic. Built in MM/MC phono amp. Brand new with one year warranty. Comes with a S$25 store credit for the purchase of records. S$388.







Audio Technica AT-LP60 BT belt drive turntable. Fully automatic. Comes with Bluetooth feature. Brand new with one year warranty. Comes with a S$20 store credit for the purchase of records. S$258.





Audio Technica AT-LP60USB belt drive turntable. Fully automatic. Brand new with one year warranty. Comes with a S$20 store credit for the purchase of records. S$188.






Audio Technica AT-95E MM phono cartridge. Brand new. S$58.






Cardas 5 pin din bare phono plug for use with tone arms. Solder your own phono cable to this. Works with most Japanese tonearms. S$28. Can provide a non-Cardas metal cover for additional S$10.





Zenn phono cable. Specifically designed for use with the low level output of turntables. Conductors are fine copper litz wires. One meter pair. S$250.





Electronic Stylus Force Gauge. Accurate to a hundredth of a gram up to a maximum of 5 gram. Brand new. S$50.








Tonearm armrest clip. Exact replacement for Rega tonearms. S$12.






Magna Acustic belt drive turntable. Brand new in the box. Features a 2" thick solid acrylic platter, an original 12" tonearm and a light record weight. A phono cartridge completes the package so it is ready to play out of the box. High gloss finish plinth. Sleek modern design. Two speed of 33 and 45 rpm which is selectable through a switch on the front of the turntable. $1200.








Phono cartridge leads. Gold plated clips. Brand new. S$12.






Grace 10" professional tone arm. With original Grace headshell. Modified with a detachable phono cable. S$850.


  Zenn Pentamat.JPG (66081 bytes)




The Zenn Record mat. Using natural material like wool pads and handmade silk impregnated paper to provide a musical interface between the record and turntable platter. The record mat is a critical part of any good turntable design. An otherwise good or expensive turntable can sound bad due to poor record support or lack of it.S$60.


SME3009III CW ass.JPG (47004 bytes)




SME3009 Series II counterweight carrier assembly. New old stock. 20 pieces available at S$40 each.


  LP sleeves.JPG (54865 bytes)



Paper sleeves for 12" vinyl records. 35 cents each. S$30 for a pack of 100. Outer clear, plastic sleeves are also available at 30 cents each.




This is not the latest all acrylic modern turntable but a record cleaner.  Simple, effective and affordable for vinyl lovers who cannot keep their records collection clean.  Click on  " every other  record cleaner sucks"  for more info.






Archive of items sold on this page.

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