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Phono Cartridges And Stylus



Current Line                                               All prices in Singapore Dollars

Part No.


M97XE Hi-Fi/Home Audio. Very low mass. Very high accuracy S$195
M92E Hi-Fi/Home Audio. Most versatile S$95
SC35C DJ/Turntablist. For Scratch DJ's & Turntablist S$110
M44-7 DJ/Turntablist.  For Scratch DJ's & Turntablist S$120
M44-G DJ/Turntablist. Professional- Scratch/ Mix S$120
N97XE Stylus for the M97XE S$95
N92E Stylus for the M92E S$50
N44-7 Stylus for the M44-7 S$60
SFG-2 Stylus Tracking Force Gauge $65

Styli replacements are also available. Call  Tel: 65-4432473 for availability and price. Or email to

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