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Address: 292 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex


Singapore 469448


Email: zennaudio@gmail.com


Store Opening Hours- 12 to 8 pm daily. Closed on Mondays


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Burson Audio PP-160 power amp. 95 watts into 8 ohm and 180 watts into 4 ohm. Besides the standard rca line input, there is a high level speaker input to allow its use as a booster amp. Ideally connect a low power Single ended tube amp to this amp for sonic performance and power. S$1550.




Hypex Electronics NC400 monoblocks. Small in size(8"W X 11"D x 3"H) but huge in power like 400 watts each into 4 ohm. Class D balanced XLR input. Like new condition. S$2500




N.E.W. P1 tube preamp with poweramp. Approximately 100 watts per channel into 8 ohm. Made in USA. S$1500.




Ming Da transformer coupled preamp using 2A3 power triodes. Built like a integrated tube amp. Line inputs only. S$750.



Denon RCD-N7 Integrated amp with wireless and cabled internet connection. Also has a built in CD player, FM radio and many other features. Rated at 65 watts per channel into 4 ohm. Some fine scratches on the case. S$320.





McIntosh MR71 tube FM tuner. Excellent condition. Note that this is a 110V mains unit and will require a step down transformer to work here. S$1650.




Linn LK240 monoblock power amps. Rated at 125W per channel into 8 ohm and 240W into 4 ohm. Comes with manuals. S$950.



Marantz PM5004 Integrated amp. 35 watts per channel into 8 ohm. MM phono input. Comes with remote control. S$320.Marantz PM5004 Integrated amp. 35 watts per channel into 8 ohm. MM phono input. Comes with remote control. S$320.




Audio Space Galaxy 34 tube integrated amp. Output tubes are two pairs of EL34 for about 30 watts per channel. Like new condition. S$1450.




Accuphase Pro-2 stereo power amp. Rated at 100 watts RMS into 8 ohm, 170 watts RMS into 4 ohm. Inputs are Balanced XLR or 1/4" Jack. Comes with adaptors for RCA. S$1200.



CEC HD53R V8.0 headphone amplifier. Brand new in the box. This has speaker outputs that will drive 4 to 8 Ohm loads and can drive two sets of headphones simultaneously. $850.




Magnavox 175-6V6 stereo tube power amp. Running on the original Magnavox 6V6 grey coated output tubes for 20 watts per channel. Other tubes are a 5U4G rectifier and two pieces of 12AX7. Fully restored with a metallic blue coat of paint. Note that this is a 110 VAC mains unit and will require the use of a step down transformer. Made in USA. S$450.



AR integrated amp and FM tuner set. Note that this is a 120vac mains set. Excellent condition. S$650.



Conrad Johnson Premier Ten tube line level preamp. Runs on four pieces of 6GK5 tubes. Original and excellent condition. S$2250.



Radford SPA-50B power amp. 50 watts per channel into 8 ohm. Make in UK. S$350.




Monarch SA-601 vintage tube integrated amp. This is an excellent condition "made in Japan" set, hence it runs on a 100 VAC mains. Power output of 10 watts per channel from 4 pieces of 6BM8 output tubes. Warm tonality with superb reproduction of vocals. S$950

Luxman C 12 preamp.JPG (41052 bytes)



Luxman C 12 solid state preamp. Classic vintage. Face plate is in excellent condition. Some scratches on the top. Note that this is a 110VAC mains unit and will require a step down transformer to work locally. S$450

Philips 2 watter.jpg (61314 bytes)



Philip 2 watts integrated amp. Working set. Physical condition is fair. S$550. 







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